A big-hearted drag queen wants to help you get better at bills

Many are falling on hard times due to COVID-19 and Aussies want to help each other get through the crisis, according to new research.

A survey conducted for BPAY Group by RFi Research in May revealed 58% of people have a strong intention to help family and friends struggling with their bills.*

Young people are being particularly hard hit by job losses and those aged under 35 are significantly more likely to have deferred their bill payments when compared to their older counterparts.**

When given the option, 64% of 25-34 year olds chose to defer bill payments. Meanwhile 52% of consumers aged under 35 are significantly more likely to be expecting to defer their bill payments in the next 12 months.**

Back in April Leasa Mann made a social media post offering to pay the bills of people who were financially struggling, using BPAY. Leasa, a fabulous drag diva who is a star performer on Melbourne’s once glittering night-time entertainment scene, wanted to help those suffering hardship.

The generous offer to help others quickly caused a ripple effect with friends, acquaintances, and perfect strangers wanting to help out. To date, around 40 people have received help with over $5,000 worth of bills paid.

Leasa wants the movement to inspire a generosity of spirit in Aussies during these tough times. To continue this goodwill, BPAY has created a tutorial video starring Leasa, to help Aussies get better at their bills with BPAY. 

“BPAY works for me because I get paid fortnightly and can use BPAY scheduling to pay my bills when I get paid. When the payment is fixed, such as a phone bill, I can schedule it to happen automatically,”^ says Leasa.

When it came to paying the bills of others, the security and privacy of BPAY enabled her to pay the bills without sharing any personal information or knowing any personal information about the recipient.

For every unique, completed view of the BPAY tutorial, BPAY will donate $1 to charity up to a maximum of $30,000. BPAY is proud to be making the donation to
First Nations Foundation and their My Money Dream initiative, an online training program designed to increase the financial wellbeing of Indigenous Australians. If the target is reached, the money will provide financial literacy skills to 500 Indigenous Australians.
Watch the Meet Leasa Mann video here. Learn from Leasa about how to get better at bills with BPAY by watching the BPAY tutorial here.
* RFi Research May 2020 - Sample size 5253
** RFi Research Payments Diary May 2020 – Sample size 438
^ Scheduled payments are subject to systems and funds availability