Aussie icons BPAY and Hamish & Andy partner

BPAY Group teams up with Hamish & Andy through PodcastOne in their latest campaign to let Aussies know why they are Australia’s preferred way to pay bills. 

BPAY Group want millennials aged 25 – 34 to know that paying bills can be easy and done securely using BPAY.

BPAY has high awareness at 98% across all age groups (RFi research), although BPAY Group’s research shows that those aged 25 – 34 years are less likely to use BPAY compared to other age groups. This insight led to the partnership with Hamish & Andy.

“As Aussie icons, we chose Hamish and Andy as we saw alignment with our brand, an Australian icon, and the partnership provides us with a new way to reach this audience group”, says Renee Amor, GM Marketing at BPAY Group.

“When BPAY launched over 20 years ago, we implemented an education campaign to explain how BPAY made paying bills easier via banks. These young adults would have been too young at the time to be paying bills and so it’s not surprising that it’s their parents whom are more likely to be using BPAY.”

She adds, “now they’re well into adulthood, moved out and are taking care of their own bills. We want to make sure BPAY continues to be trusted and used among this age group.”

The campaign aims to keep BPAY on the radar of these millennials and grow consideration in order to remain their preferred way to pay bills.

The 4-week partnership also includes BPAY’s Bill of Fortune competition, which will run from 6 – 24 May 2019. The competition requires entrants enter their BPAY payment details from a current bill for a chance to win a share of $20,000 towards paying their bills.

The campaign will be supported on radio, social, YouTube, Gmail and PR.

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