BPAY donates $25K to farmers in Rural Aid campaign with pro bono support from BMF and Ikon

BPAY continues Rural Aid partnership in a snap campaign to support farmers impacted by recent floods

Who can forget the one-in-100-year downpour last month that left large parts of New South Wales, Southern Queensland and Victoria reeling from catastrophic flooding? Some of the worst impacted regions were the same areas that were battling drought just one year ago.

To help with the recovery effort, BPAY partnered with Rural Aid once again, to help farmers across Australia. This time last year, they had partnered with Rural Aid to help farmers battling the droughts.

“Our hearts break to see our farmers hit again by another extreme weather event. We want to show them that we are truly in their corner,” says BPAY Group CEO, John Banfield.

So that the impact of the flooding was still top of mind, the BPAY team sprang into action to quickly activate the campaign, gaining pro bono support from their advertising agency BMF, to create the campaign imagery and distribute through owned channels. Media partner Ikon, also negotiated support from major media outlets ARN, SCA, and Nine through donated media.

“We are so pleased with the response and generosity of our partners and Australians. Together we have been able to play a part in helping those flood-affected communities get back on their feet,” adds Banfield.

BPAY’s tactical campaign to raise funds for flood-affected farmers has received an overwhelming response, seeing BPAY match donations to Rural Aid up to $25,000.