BPAY Group develops BPAY BatchMaker and partners with QuickBooks

BPAY Group announces its latest innovation to support small businesses: paying multiple suppliers through BPAY BatchMaker

BPAY Group, Australia’s leading payments provider, has announced its latest innovation, BPAY BatchMaker, a product helping small businesses to pay multiple suppliers at the same time.

As part of BPAY Group’s growing portfolio of developing innovative products for the Australian market that solve customer pain points, BPAY BatchMaker helps makes it easier for small businesses to pay multiple bills and create efficiencies by reducing manual processing.

BPAY BatchMaker’s first partner is QuickBooks, the global leader in cloud accounting, with 2.8 million subscribers worldwide. The BPAY BatchMaker app is now available to QuickBooks customers, free of charge*, via the QuickBooks app store

The new application is an easy and convenient way to:
  • Capture invoice data
  • Instantly validate BPAY payment information avoiding errors later on
  • Create BPAY and EFT batch files in the right format, for customers to send on to their bank for processing#
  • Match invoices with existing suppliers allowing for easy reconciliation

QuickBooks customers can use the BPAY BatchMaker app with their cloud accounting package. It is available for BPAY Batch payers who bank with Bankwest, Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank, NAB or Westpac. Future releases of BPAY BatchMaker are expected to add other financial institutions and functionality.

“BPAY BatchMaker has the ability to solve numerous pain points for small businesses, accountants, and accounts payable. This is key to our strategy to innovate around the BPAY product and continually improve the experience for consumers, SMEs and business,” says Keith Brown, General Manager, Product Scheme and Business Development at BPAY Group.

“We are proud to partner with QuickBooks, pioneering a collaborative approach to product innovation, with the central aim of reducing inefficiencies and helping to increase financial capabilities for small businesses.”

Nicolette Maury, Vice President and Country Manager of Intuit Australia, says: “Our aim at Intuit is to simplify the day-to-day running of small businesses.

“So, we are delighted to offer BPAY BatchMaker to our QuickBooks customers as it will help streamline their financial management and also eliminate inefficiencies. This is just one more way in which Intuit is helping to pave the way for small businesses to grow and prosper.”

*BPAY Payment fees may apply - check with your financial institution.
#BPAY Payments cannot be made through BPAY BatchMaker. Use of BPAY Payments is governed by separate arrangements between customers and their financial institutions.

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