BPAY Group donates $40,000 to financial literacy training program for Indigenous Australians

$1 donated for each unique, completed view of 'Get Better at Bills with BPAY' video tutorial
With the support of 40,000 Aussies, BPAY Group has donated $40,000 to First Nations Foundation’s My Money Dream financial literacy training program for Indigenous Australians.

Australians have helped BPAY Group reach its donation cap by logging 40,000 unique, completed views of the 'Get Better at Bills with BPAY' video tutorial, which is part of the 'In Your Corner' campaign featuring Melbourne drag queen Leasa Mann.

Working within Indigenous communities to empower and instil confidence in individuals, the not-for-profit First Nations Foundation is driven to establish financial prosperity via education, training and information.

The My Money Dream program has been designed by Indigenous people for Indigenous people, ensuring accessibility and relevance for all.

“BPAY Group is supporting us to do our job of educating people,” said Ian Hamm, Chair and Board member at First Nations Foundation, who spoke at a recent BPAY Group staff meeting.

My Money Dream is our core product and with the help of the $40,000 donation, 670 Aboriginal people will get access to the 12-month program. This will help them get on the road to better financial literacy, better ways to save money, and to have future goals.

“In terms of financial security, only one in 10 people in the Aboriginal community feel financially secure, compared to roughly one in two in the broader Australian community – and that’s why organisations like BPAY Group are incredibly important to us.

“We’re particularly aiming at young people who are looking to participate in the economy more. Our program will give them the tools, information and knowledge they need to do that.”

John Banfield, BPAY Group’s CEO, said the donation will make a significant contribution to the important work being done by the First Nations Foundation.

“We’re delighted to contribute to the My Money Dream program that will help with everything from goal setting, budgeting and saving plans. These skills will really make a difference to financial literacy in Indigenous communities, improving their financial wellbeing and empowering them to take control of their financial future.”

For more information on the First Nations Foundation, please visit firstnationsfoundation.org.au