BPAY Group announces release of BPAY APIs through developer portal

BPAY, a leader in bill payments in Australia, releases a new set of APIs to give greater access to their products and services and foster greater payments innovation.

Developers can explore and experiment with BPAY APIs in the BPAY Group Developer Portal sandbox, before applying for production access, to integrate them into their solutions.

The four BPAY APIs in this release are:

  1. Retrieve BPAY Biller Details – enables the look up BPAY Biller details to ensure biller is active, and information is correct
  2. Validate BPAY Payment – validates BPAY payment details to ensure accuracy when payment is accepted for processing
  3. Generate BPAY Batch File – generates a file of BPAY Payments in the specified bank format
  4. Generate BPAY CRN – provides a simple option for generating BPAY Payments Customer Reference Numbers and associated QR codes

“The BPAY Group Developer Portal was created to build a one stop shop for the developers, product managers and other innovators who are actively looking to improve experiences for their customers,” says Keith Brown, BPAY Group’s GM Product, Scheme and Business Development.

The APIs were developed in response to BPAY’s business customers asking for a simpler way to implement the BPAY payment service.

“The APIs have the potential to transform the way our customers interact with the BPAY payment service. In addition to improved access, a vast range of opportunities are opened for new products, business development and efficiencies,” he adds.

Also available in the portal is the Sypht APIs, which provides document extraction services, and can be integrated with BPAY APIs.

The BPAY Group Developer Portal sandbox is now open.

Additional APIs will be released in the future release. For more information visit https://developer.bpaygroup.com.au/

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