BPAY raises $185,000 for Rural Aid to help farmers pay their bills

BPAY’s campaign raises $185,000 to help Aussie farmers pay their bills.

The campaign, which has so far raised a total of $185,000, has allowed Rural Aid to make $1,500 payments to 120 farmers to help them pay their bills.

Running over the last two months, the campaign showcased the story of real Aussie farmers affected by the drought and the tough conditions they face as they struggled to keep their farms going.

“We’ve been proud to partner with Rural Aid. They have provided vital assistance to our farmers through the devastation of the drought and bushfires,” says BPAY Group CEO, John Banfield.

He adds, “Through the generous donations of Aussies, we’ve been able to contribute to the important work Rural Aid is doing to support our farmers pay their bills.”

“Thanks to everyone at BPAY for the incredible support,” says Rural Aid CEO, John Warlters. “Transitioning to BPAY has allowed Rural Aid to reconcile payments and issue receipts promptly to our donors. Importantly, the money raised through BPAY’s national campaign has already reached our farmers to help them pay their bills.”

Using BPAY, one off, or recurring donations can be made via www.ruralaid.org.au/BPAY. Although the campaign has officially closed, photos from the campaign can still be viewed through the online exhibition Grit Stories – Australian Drought Stories https://www.gritstories.com.au and donations can still be made to Rural Aid.

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