You can use BPAY to donate to Rural Aid to help drought affected Aussie farmers pay their bills

BPAY can now be used as a donation channel to help Aussies help farmers pay their bills.

The ongoing drought in Australia is putting significant financial pressure on our farmers. While the rain may have stopped, their bills haven’t with feed, water and other bills mounting.

To help farmers battling the drought, BPAY has partnered with Rural Aid, one of Australia’s largest rural charities, to launch a campaign to pay the bills of drought affected farmers across Australia.

“BPAY is Australia’s main way to pay bills. Working with Rural Aid, we are enabling Australians to help pay the bills of our farmers who are doing it tough through the extended drought” says John Banfield, BPAY Group’s CEO.

During the campaign, which runs until the end of March, BPAY will share the story of real farmers doing it tough and ask Australians to donate at with donations going to Rural Aid to help farmers pay their bills. To kick start donations, BPAY has made the first BPAY donation of $100,000.

The campaign features farmers and highlights their personal drought struggles. Mark Ranger from Parkes in NSW, a fourth-generation farmer, says that it’s been three years of hard drought and worsening conditions are making it unviable to maintain his farm.

He says, “I’ve drastically reduced stock numbers but the cost of feeding is still too high when there’s nothing coming in. Another year of drought will have severe implications but the support from organisations such as Rural Aid and BPAY gives me the backing I need to keep on going."

Craig Marsh, Rural Aid’s NSW Business Development Manager is encouraging people to continue supporting Aussie farmers through the BPAY campaign.

“Our farmers are doing it tough. The rain many areas of Australia are experiencing, just won’t reach our farms. For many, their income is all but gone. However, their bills keep growing. Through the generosity of Australians, we’ve been able to help make life a little bit easier for them, but we have a long road ahead,” he adds.

With BPAY, you can choose to make a one-off donation or schedule recurring donations all from within your online banking. You can donate at  

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