BPAY Group continues support for Rural Aid with $20,000 donation

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The latest floods in Northern NSW and Queensland are another blow for farmers recovering from drought.
Fortunately, Australians and companies like BPAY Group have responded generously, Rural Aid CEO John Warlters says.
He recently toured Lismore and Casino and saw firsthand the devastation the floods had caused.
“People who've got themselves through drought and were on the way to recovery and starting to see the benefits of a couple of pretty good years would now have been potentially hit very hard by this flood. And it's not tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damages and losses. It's hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages and losses,” he said.
Farmers told Warlters the flood levels were the highest they’d ever seen.
The community wants to help out farmers when they’re hit by these sorts of disasters and Australians have once again demonstrated their affinity for the bush in their donations to Rural Aid.
“Corporate donations are hugely important because they are often more significant. The $20,000 donation from BPAY Group is incredibly appreciated and generous,” Warlters says.
“But it also means very, very quickly we know we have the capacity to meet that demand that might exist. I think that's a really critical element to it when those corporate donations come in. We can very quickly know that $20,000 means that we can start delivering $500 prepaid visa cards straightaway.”
Mental scars linger
When the Northern NSW and Queensland floods struck, the first thing Rural Aid did was telephone farmers to let them know the charity would be there to help as soon as it could get into the area. It also connected them with Rural Aid counsellors.
Floods, bushfires and drought can all do huge damage to farm finances, stock, equipment and the farms themselves, but what is often overlooked is the mental scars these events leave, which Warlters describes as “the sleeper issue”.
“I think that's where there'll be this lingering ongoing need for a whole lot longer to come,” he says.
The charity has a team of 15 counsellors it can deploy around the country. Of course, Rural Aid also helps with the other aspects. It can very quickly get payments to farmers to help them with immediate needs, and provide drinking water and fodder should they need it.
“When the disaster life cycle goes from respond to recovery, that's when we go into the community and that's when we're on the ground because that usually coincides with the recovery centers opening up in communities,” Warlters says.
“And then we'll be there beyond that as well. So recovery in a situation like this will take months and months and months and probably even years and years for some people.”
Everything relies on donations
Along with donations, including $100,000 to Rural Aid in 2020, BPAY Group set Rural Aid up as a BPAY biller, so that they are now able to quickly identify donors to reconcile payments and issue receipts promptly. They join over 45,000 billers who already offer BPAY as a payment option. BPAY also supported with an advertising campaign encouraging people to donate.
“Everything that Rural Aid does is off the back of donations. It's mums and dads. It's businesses, like BPAY, big and small, that are very generous towards Rural Aid, and that allow us to do what we do.”
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