BPAY Group embraces change from within

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When BPAY Group made the decision to relocate from Rhodes to Sydney’s CBD it was driven by a desire to be closer to their customers.
It was also seen as a golden opportunity to redefine and transform the Group’s culture and, in doing so, set BPAY up to successfully deliver on its new strategy.

Employees help pave the path to change

Before the big move, a cultural survey was circulated amongst BPAY staff, where a lot of the new ideas came from.
"We wanted our people to tell us where they thought our culture needed to be," Lucy Lithgow, General Manager Human Resources at BPAY Group said.
"The outcome of the survey was really interesting because there was a great alignment between the leadership team and the rest of the business on where we had to move ourselves.
"People really wanted us to keep our fun, people-focused culture where collaboration and teamwork are encouraged.
"But they also wanted us to be more externally focused, nimble and creative. A place where people are encouraged to generate ideas and make decisions and, where the customer is at the centre of everything we do."

Releasing the chain to the desk

What became clear was that the traditional business model of employees spending their days at the same desk, day in, day out was not going to work for BPAY.
So, when the company moved to George Street in December, the era of ‘workers at workstations’ ended.
Employees are empowered to choose any desk they like based on what they are doing that day, and are also free to work in new spaces that include the quiet space (which BPAY calls the Shh space), stand and sit collaboration areas, a touchdown space, open and closed booth seating plus a choice of daily desks.

New spaces mean better teamwork

Traditional work spaces can often lead to silos, where employees stick to their own corner and interact with the same people every day.
The new spaces at BPAY foster a better networking environment which flows on to better teamwork across the board.
"Old team silos are being eroded and we are ‘bumping’ into and talking more to each other than was the case in the old office," Lucy said.
"Something which encourages greater communication, flow of ideas and creativity – new ideas are, after all, sometimes born from impromptu conversations with different people."

New Values symbolise the new culture

Involving employees in the re-design of the Group’s new values was another powerful way to symbolise the new culture and ensure that people felt a part of the transformation that was occurring.
“It was really important to us that the team felt a part of the cultural change journey and that they had the opportunity to put their mark on our new values” Lucy said.
“As they were developed in a truly collaborative way, we now have four values to be proud of, values that represent the essence of who we are and how we will do business.”
They are also fun, memorable, a little quirky and, very different to the traditional corporate values that were previously in place.

Better Together

Like bacon and eggs or gin, tonic and lime…we are better together. You plus you, plus you, plus me adds value.

Think Customer

Because what benefits them will come back around and benefit us.

Minds Wide Open

Like a dog off a lead a mind wide open is free. Open to new questions, new ideas and most importantly, new ways of thinking.

Always Step Forward

We’re all about growing, keeping things moving and striving for better. Because if you shoot for the moon you may just end up in the stars.

Flow on effect has customers engaging more

Since the doors opened at George Street in December, BPAY has seen more customers and partners walking in the door than was the case at the old Rhodes address.
"Our partners and customers come and see us a lot more. There’s a lot more networking and interaction," Lucy said.
"Before, most of the time, our people had to go to the customer. Now that we are in the city it's a bit more even and they come to us and they see our wonderful new workspace.
"It's more dynamic and there's a greater vibe. They are already seeing that BPAY is the place to come and collaborate."
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