Hello Osko: creating a marketing campaign to sell fast payments

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The cashed-up lifestyle of celebrities is fair game for comedian and down-to-earth mum Celeste Barber. So who better to promote an alternative for cash that allows fast payments for everyday Australians?
"There's a big trend for influencers to do sponsored posts,” BPAY Senior Marketing Manager Brittany Kury says. “The normal way is to hide the product placement – pretend they're not being paid to do it. We wanted to turn that on its head and have influencers tell people that we paid them to tell people that you can now pay people.”
The sponsored post fa├žade is as exposed as the celebrity Barber's parodies. Her first Osko® ad made several mentions that it was an ad and even carried the hashtag #itotallygotpaidforthis.
She is just one of 28 social media influencers promoting BPAY Group’s new Osko payment service in a more authentic way as part of a major marketing campaign that will also include TV, cinema, online, catch-up TV, outdoor advertising – and even restaurant bill folders.
It’s a multi-layered message but at its heart lie the benefits of being able to make fast payments 24/7 to friends. Osko is an alternative to replace cash, which many people find clunky to carry, and current slow-moving bank transfers. 
"If I start to hear people say 'remember when you had to wait three days for money to come through – that's the old way of doing things!’ That's my way of seeing success,” Kury says.
Multiple stakeholders but one message
Osko payments is the first service launched on the New Payments Platform – a new infrastructure only made possible through deep collaboration between Australia’s banks over several years.
That same collaborative approach extended to the marketing campaign. 
“The key question we had to answer was: ‘how do we create a holistic campaign that will work for customers from more than 60 different banks and not leave them confused?’,” Kury says.
The answer was a mammoth undertaking that involved marketing representatives from 12 banks – as well as other stakeholders including New Payments Platform Australia – meeting almost every fortnight over a year.

They thrashed out every stage of the campaign such as creating and reviewing the brief, the campaign strategy, the various calls to action, and other parts of the campaign such as public relations.
Those stakeholders would ensure that any concerns expressed by their respective institutions were met well in advance.
"It was driven by BPAY Group but supported by all these different groups: they were our sounding board for the whole process.”
The ultimate message extols the benefits of Osko payments in simple yet entertaining ways: Osko may be a new way to pay that’s fast and 24/7, but it’s already in your online banking and there’s no need to share your banking details or change what you are doing. In fact, most consumers don’t need to download or do anything – in most cases, financial institutions have simply replaced their Pay Anyone/Pay Someone functionality with Osko payments.
"It’s a very unusual challenge for a marketer to launch a brand with no direct consumer action required. But it's really important for people to understand things have changed because it will make a difference down the track when they choose how to pay someone.”

“We went down this path because in our research, splitting restaurant bills was either one or two of the main reasons that people said that they would use Osko payments".

The campaign’s high-level message leaves plenty of room for each bank to tailor the Osko experience for their individual customers. Customers are likely to see the campaign, check the Osko website, and then ultimately find out more from their own institution’s website. 
Tapping into demand
The marketing strategy has always been built around the ultimate end customer experience. As such, the campaign timing maximises the experience of customers with the bulk of banks and financial institutions now up and running with Osko. Many participating Financial Institutions have leveraged the offer that BPAY Group has made, to help them support the Osko marketing campaign to their own customers through the Osko Marketing Toolkit.
"The more that we can get across that when people see the Osko brand they know it's going to be fast, secure, and part of their bank, then we won’t have to repeat those messages when we roll out future services. They should become ingrained as part of the brand."
The BPAY marketing team and bank representatives also worked closely with a range of agencies to hone the Osko message including BMF (lead strategy and advertising), Ikon (media strategy), Hotwire (PR strategy), Adrenalin (digital strategy), and Maud (brand strategy).
Consumers, particularly digitally-savvy 18-34 year-olds who are an initial focus, are starting to see the results. A TV campaign – BPAY Group’s first in five years – will play a large part raising awareness, as will online video and catch-up TV advertising.
Advertising will also target consumers at the times when they are most likely to use Osko payments including in restaurants and at the cinema. Restaurant customers will receive Osko-branded bill folders, which will explain how to use the service just as people are likely to pay for their meal.
“We went down this path because in our research, splitting restaurant bills was either one or two of the main reasons that people said that they would use Osko payments, " Kury says.
The campaign will also build the platform for future Osko services, including the ability to use Osko to request money from others and receive payments with an attachment.
For BPAY Group, the campaign marks the next stage of its evolution from a single bill payment-focused product and towards an innovative company with multiple products that help both Financial Institution scheme members, as well as everyday Australians.
This article represents the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BPAY. Published by BPAY Pty Ltd.  BPAY payment products are offered by over 150 Financial Institutions. Contact your Financial Institution to see if it offers BPAY payment products and to get the terms and conditions. This is general advice – before using BPAY payment products please review the terms and conditions and consider whether BPAY payment products are appropriate for your personal circumstances.

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