Why BPAY Group’s Renee Amor tries to find win-wins for customers

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BPAY Group's corporate purpose may be to make life simpler, but the phrase encapsulates something more meaningful to Chief Marketing Officer Renee Amor.

"Making life simpler can be interpreted in so many ways," says Amor, who led the project to re-affirm the organisation's purpose, mission, and vision in 2019. "But each interpretation ultimately results in a positive change."

BPAY Group simplifies connections between banks, businesses and people, but at a deeper level, making life simpler is just making life better.
Establishing BPAY Group’s identity

When Amor joined the organisation, employees and customers identified strongly with the BPAY brand. Building on this solid foundation, she led the addition of Osko payments and non-payment ventures Lodge and Sypht to the house of brands, creating a need for the company’s identity to align with its innovation strategy.

The process of defining BPAY Group’s purpose, mission and vision was a collaborative effort across the business. It was the first vital step towards establishing the values and behaviours that exist in the organisation – the qualities which are held dear by employees and customers alike.

Amor then embarked on establishing a corporate identity that showcased what was at the heart of BPAY Group beyond the strong services it offered. It was the next important step in continuing the transformation of the company, spearheaded by CEO John Banfield.
A brand promise

The corporate purpose has since extended to the ‘in your corner’ brand promise for BPAY payments.

"My personal view is that if you’re meeting the needs of your business and customers, and you can do good, then you should! Using a purpose-led approach has enabled BPAY Group to execute a range of tactics that have really made a difference in the community,” says Amor.

By establishing BPAY as a new way for people to donate to the Rural Aid charity, BPAY Group delivers on its brand promise and supports the community. The company also threw its support behind entertainer Leasa Mann's push to pay the bills of those struggling during the pandemic lockdowns. Those campaigns have raised around $260,000 so far.
Driven by a desire to solve business problems

Amor's marketing and communications career began in the field of sport, followed by roles in the arts and education industries. A grounding in organisations with small teams formed a professional who can tackle challenges.

She then worked for major Australian and International banks before joining BPAY Group in 2017. It's not the sector that's appealing as much as the drive to solve business problems, such as helping an organisation connect with their employees, customers, or shareholders.

"When I came out of university, the thing that appealed to me most was the psychology of communication – really understanding what people needed to know to make decisions and create a win-win to achieve strategic business outcomes. I'd still say that that's the role of marketing and communication today, regardless of the audience or the vertical."
Brand awareness of Osko ‘through the roof’

BPAY Group had been on a significant transformational journey when she joined. Since her time, it has transformed from an organisation that offered a single bill payment service into a collaborative, innovative company offering multiple products, and winning awards for both innovation and employee engagement.

One of its major successes has been the Osko brand. Launched in 2018, Osko enables fast payments between banks 24/7 and became the first overlay service on the New Payments Platform. Osko is now typically built into the pay anyone functionality of most digital banking platforms and has reached over 60% brand awareness among Australians aged 18 or over (Kantar, Oct 2021).

"It's three-and-a-half years since we've launched to market and the awareness and the usage are going through the roof," she says.

“More than 30% of all adult Australians now say they are using Osko, which is a fantastic result for a product at this stage in its lifecycle. For the dwindling number who aren't yet aware of Osko, they soon will be – most bank transfers are now routed through the system and badged with the Osko brand through online banking, and more banks are adding the service.”
Collaboration a key driver

It is BPAY Group's leadership and special culture that has made it possible.

"I value collaboration and diversity of perspective. I set the benchmark high and believe in equality, regardless of hierarchy. The existing BPAY Group executive team which I joined has a very similar value system to me, and so it works well.

“Add to that the strength of BPAY as one of the iconic financial services brands in Australia, a strong focus on employees and a solid growth strategy, and I was hooked. Being able to leverage that brand strength, in a strong organisation-wide team, was the crux of the appeal of taking on this fabulous role."

Amor has transformed the BPAY Group marketing capabilities, which is a pattern that has emerged in her career, having merged and led the separate brand and marketing teams across the region in her previous role with Rabobank Australia and New Zealand Group.

Today BPAY Group’s Marketing & Communications team is still lean, but offers organisational value internally, to members and to customers. The successful introduction of partnership marketing has driven strong results through the collaboration with BPAY Group’s own business customers (through a B2B2C model in addition to B2B and B2C).

The addition of a well-planned Digital Ecosystem, Public Relations, Market Research and Government Relations to the existing capabilities of Brand and Product Marketing has seen the individuals in the team flourish and create a positive impact. Employee engagement for the division is close to 100% as measured by Culture Amp.

BPAY Group has long been a ubiquitous part of the financial landscape. It is now set for further growth after the ACCC approved a merger with eftpos and NPP Australia, which will potentially create a new stand-alone entity, Australian Payments Plus (AP+).

Amor sees this as the next step in BPAY Group’s transformation and one that could benefit Australia in ways yet to be seen. “It’s an exciting time,” she says.

The BPAY and Osko brands will continue for the foreseeable future and there will be more opportunities to launch new products and services under a more all-encompassing business model.

BPAY Group previously launched document intelligent solutions company Sypht (which has recently been sold) and it has other new customer innovations it continues to investigate. Its marketing efforts will continue to be more than promoting and selling products and services.

"Business success over time, that's the source of satisfaction for me, not just marketing performance and individual campaigns."
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