Why peer-to-peer payment app Beem It introduced BPAY

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Beem It started life as a nifty app to let friends easily pay each other for shared expenses, like bills and holiday expenses.
But the peer-to-peer payment app has ambitions to become a full-service digital wallet and introducing BPAY payments is a key part of the plan.
Research by the company reveals Beem It is used heavily by millennials to split rent and utility bills in shared households, and the company decided to boost the functionality of the app to meet the need, says Jason Backhouse, Head of Operations at Beem It.
“We thought, why don't we include BPAY in the app so that they can do it all in one spot and then easily split the bill afterwards, all in the one place,” Backhouse says. “We also thought there were some opportunities to make it a really slick and streamlined experience,” he adds.
The capability means that a Beem It user can pay their electricity bill with BPAY, for instance, and then request their share from their flatmates and receive a notification that they’ve been paid, all without having to leave the app.
Beem It, which is owned by eftpos, is available to anyone with a debit or credit card, and allows users to instantly pay anyone in their network from their debit card, without the need for BSB and Account Numbers.
“We're not a bank account. We're a better way to make payments and that's why BPAY fitted in as well,” Backhouse explains.
BPAY fits the Beem It user experience with APIs
Beem It is built from its own internal APIs and from APIs linking it in to other organisations, and this is how it incorporated BPAY into its service. To make BPAY payments, it uses APIs that link with both BPAY and payment company Cuscal.
Beem It also uses a BPAY API which allows payers to instantly validate the bill information they have entered.
“Our research revealed that was a major pain point for people, and the API allowed us to really bed down the user experience,” Backhouse says.
“The APIs allow us to integrate the BPAY experience into what users expect from the Beem It app. We find that most users who make one BPAY payment will make a subsequent BPAY payment with us.”

The ease with which APIs can integrate with the app’s own user experience is a key advantage, he says.
Keith Brown, General Manager of Product, Scheme and Business Development at  BPAY Group, says BPAY Group worked closely with Beem It to help them make the experience of paying with BPAY as seamless as possible.
“We've been really impressed with what they do there,” Brown says. “Their target demographic is the younger age group, which is often a group that isn't as aware of BPAY as others, so it's been really good that they're focusing on those and making them aware of the capabilities of BPAY and how it can meet their needs as well.”
For Beem It, there is still more work to do.
The app plans to introduce BPAY View – where bills and statements will be sent straight to the user’s Beem It app, and save them from having to rely on paper or email bills.
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