What we do

 BPAY Group's purpose is to make life simpler. 

We’re the brains behind some important Australian firsts – like our flagship BPAY® bill payments system and Osko®, the faster way to pay. These services were created for shared industry value to simplify connections between banks, businesses and people.  

But we’re also so much more. In recent years, we have transformed and expanded beyond payments and the Group brand reflects the new diversified offering including innovative products like Sypht. 

We are open for business and encourage organisations to work with us by joining the BPAY Scheme, partnering and innovating with us.

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The BPAY Scheme

One of Australia’s great collaboration success stories, the BPAY Scheme, which manages BPAY and Osko, has grown into a membership of 150 financial institutions working together to build stronger payment services. It’s this collaboration that’s helped us provide a convenient and consistent experience for businesses and consumers, every time they use our payments products and services. Central to our Scheme construct is the investment in shared services offered within the membership benefits. This means that members have access to the centralised services of marketing, brand strategy, research, customer training, expert product knowledge, business development, risk & compliance and fraud monitoring.

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Our APIs

As part of BPAY Group’s commitment to helping businesses better serve their customers, we launched a developer portal to foster experimentation and innovation with our application programming interface (API)

Currently we offer six publicly available BPAY APIs, and a Sypht API.

Our portal enables innovators discover, integrate, access and experience our APIs to help create new solutions for their customers.

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Our products and businesses have continually evolved to simplify life. 

BPAY is Australia's leading bill payment system which connects people to businesses through their banks, enabling payments to be made through a financial institution's internet banking to BPAY billers.
Osko is a fast, secure and data-rich way for all Australians to move money on a peer-to-peer basis. It is the first overlay service to leverage capabilities of the New Payments Platform (NPP).
Sypht uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented by human intelligence, to accurately extract and interpret complex information from documents. Sypht allows users to unlock the power of data to add value to their businesses.